To make an excellent opera singer, one must have more than making pretty sounds in mind. Apart from the very basics of striving for perfection in the vocal technique, there is much physical and mental training to be done. Honing your acting and dancing skills and of course knowing your music history, theory, form, harmony and traditions are essential, too.

As singers, we are always learning new things, always stretching the limits of what we can do. There are a number of great techniques to help us along with this. I regularly use NLP, Pilates, EFT, The Journey (by Brandon Bays) and The Work (by Byron Katie) in my personal practice. I have vocal pedagogy diploma from the University of Music and Drama of Saarbrücken, and I am certified in Kinesiology and K-taping (with elastic therapeutic tape) for Speech-Language Pathology.

In 2011-2014 I was the vocal coach at the OnStage project by Culture4Change in Munich, working with kids with social difficulties and teenager refugees. In 2015 and 2014 respectively, the Härnösands International Opera Academy in Sweden and the East Los Angeles College in the USA invited me to teach and give masterclasses on opera singing and art songs. An article of mine on the use of unknown art songs in voice lessons was published in the professional journal for voice teachers „Vox Humana“ in 2013.

I teach a small number of dedicated students „live“ in Munich and via Skype.
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